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Derecho Penal
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Manejo en Estado de Ebriedad
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Philadelphia, Bensalem, Norristown, Media, Allentown, West Chester, Reading, York, Upper Darby, Harrisburg

When confronted with a difficult legal matter you want an attorney that has both the experience and dedication to fight for you. Mr. Montroy exemplifies those characteristics and has earned that reputation amongst his clients.

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense
Our office offers clients strong advocacy and an effective defense against a wide range of criminal charges. We focus our legal practice on defending criminal cases and handling complex litigation matters. We handle everything from white collar crimes, murder, drug crimes to traffic violations and DUIs. Additionally, our office handles an array of personal injury cases that include car, bicycle, truck and slip-and-fall cases. Here in Philadelphia, we represent clients in local, state and federal courts throughout Pennsylvania.

Personal Service
Your case is important to us, unlike larger firms where clients can get lost in the shuffle, We treat every criminal charge with the attention it deserves. Our firm provides a comfortable environment where you can feel at ease discussing your situation with our team. Past clients and other lawyers know we are dedicated to the needs of our clients and for developing vigorous defense strategies against Pennsylvania criminal laws. We frequently receive referrals from clients satisfied with our services.

Whether you need a Philadelphia drug possession defense lawyer or an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney to represent you in a federal investigation, the Law Offices of Andrew David Montroy can provide you with the experience you want and the service you should demand.

We provide an aggressive defense, sound advice and the accurate information you need to make informed decisions about your future and your case. Every case is unique, and we have more than 35 years of combined experience in preparing a strong defense tailored to your facts and circumstances, and designed to bring about the best possible results.

Experienced State and Federal Criminal Defense throughout Pennsylvania

We have extensive experience defending against a wide range of Pennsylvania criminal charges in state and federal court, including:

  • Pennsylvania Drug Offenses and Federal Drug Charges: Our criminal defense attorneys defend clients against charges of drug possession, possession with intent to deliver, selling drugs, drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, importing drugs, drug cultivation and manufacturing, and other offenses related to possessing, making or transporting illegal drugs. Our cases have included charges involving ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines and prescription drugs.
  • Homicide and Assaults: Our criminal defense attorneys provide an aggressive criminal defense throughout Pennsylvania against violent crime charges such as murder, capital murder, manslaughter and vehicular homicide. We have significant experience defending people accused of all degrees of murder and manslaughter, as well as in homicide cases. When facing the possibility of the death penalty, it is important to have an experienced and aggressive criminal lawyer on your side. We also handle cases involving aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, serious bodily injury, assault and battery, domestic assault and other violent crime charges. We understand the severity of these violent crime charges, and we can help defend your rights and interests.
  • Sex Offenses: Our Philadelphia sex crime defense lawyers represent those who have been accused of criminal sexual conduct. We defend clients accused of rape, statutory rape, date rape, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, lewd conduct, indecent exposure, sex offender registration violations and other sex crimes.
  • White Collar Crimes: White-collar crime is used to describe a number of crimes that typically involve fraud or financial crimes as opposed to violence. We handle cases of fraud, embezzlement, Title IV fraud, RICO violations and identity theft. Our Philadelphia fraud lawyers have substantial experience defending people accused of tax fraud, Internet fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud, credit card fraud, Medicaid fraud, mail fraud and more. Whether you are accused of passing bad checks or embezzlement, we will aggressively defend your rights. We also represent individuals under state or federal investigation for white-collar crimes.
  • Internet and Computer Crimes: Our criminal defense attorneys in Pennsylvania provide an aggressive defense against charges of Internet and computer crimes, including Internet fraud, identity theft, Internet sex crimes, Internet child pornography, Internet auction fraud, illegal downloading and countless other computer-related offenses. Our criminal defense lawyers understand these cases and can help you deal with your legal difficulties.
  • Federal Criminal Defense: Our practice represents clients in federal criminal proceedings. We are familiar with the procedures and the people involved in federal criminal trials. Whether the issue is securities fraud, Internet fraud, drug trafficking, RICO violations or Medicare fraud, we can defend you in federal court. We can help you with your federal issue, including providing you with a strong federal weapons defense, offering assistance and advice concerning a federal criminal investigation, and answering questions about and assisting with federal sentencing matters.


Se Habla Espanol

A Nuestros Clientes Que Hablan Español

Si usted necesita una defensa contra cargos de sustancia ilegales en Filadelfia, Pennsylvania o un abogado con experiencia en defensa criminal para que lo represente en una investigación federal, la oficina legal de Andrew David Montroy puede ofrecerle la experiencia que usted necesita y el servicio que usted merece..

Fiscal Andrew Montroy es un abogado de confianza a nivel local con una sólida reputación y destacada trayectoria de resultados para sus clientes. El empleo de la habilidad, tenacidad y una dedicación a las necesidades del cliente es donde se destaca el Sr. Montroy.  El Sr. Montroy es el abogado en el que usted puede confiar para incluso manejar los casos criminales más complejos o las demandas civiles.

Nuestra oficina ofrece a los clientes una defensa fuerte y eficaz contra una amplia gama de cargos criminales. Nuestro bufete enfoca la defensa de casos criminales y gastos de litigios complejos. Nos encargamos de todos delitos de guante blanco, el asesinato, delitos de drogas a violaciónes de tráfico y DUI.

Además, nuestra oficina se encarga de una serie de casos de lesiones personales que incluyen automóviles, bicicletas, camiones y los casos de resbalones y caídas. Aquí, en Filadelfia, representamos a clientes en los tribunales locales, estatales y federales a través de Pennsylvania.

Áreas De Práctica:

  • Derecho Penal
  • Pennsylvania Ofensa de Drogas y Cargos Federales de Drogas
  • Homicidio y Asaltos
  • Delitos Sexuales
  • Delitos de Guante Blanco
  • Internet y Delitos Informáticos
  • Defensa Penal Federal
  • DUI / DWI
  • Violaciónes de Tráfico
  • Lesiones Personales
  • Accidentes de Tráfico
  • Accidentes de Camiones
  • Accidentes de Bicicleta y los accidentes de peatones
  • Accidentes de Tránsito Masivo y Autobuses
  • Accidentes automovilísticos que Involucran Explosiones
  • Reclamaciones de Seguros
  • Colecciones Vencida
  • Contratos

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